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Cadets And Mids Compete In Annual Patriot Games

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Prior to the 119th Army-Navy Game, Cadets and Midshipmen of the two service academies competed in a series of competitions as part of the Patriot Games presented by USAA.

The games began Friday, as the two sides competed in events at some of Philadelphia's most hallowed monuments.

ROCKY RELAY: Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The first event took places at the famous "Rocky Steps." The Cadets and Mids tested their strength and speed, working through push-ups and jump roping, before making a dash up the stairs. After the entire team made the run, the teams had to carry a stretcher, representing a fallen comrade up the stairs to complete the relay.


LEADERSHIP REACTION COURSE: Independence Visitors Center

The two sides traveled to the current home of the Liberty Bell, where they met for a test of trust and teamwork. The teams were individually presented with a mission, while the other team waited remotely inside the Visitor's Center. After receiving the mission, the team's must execute and readjust to complete the task under time restraint.  The mission involved a blindfolded obstacle course, where they had to trust the instruction of their teammates in-order to finish the task.


The Shops at Liberty Place

The event was preceded by the official Army-Navy Pap Rally, which brought our hundreds of screaming supporters, who joined the academy marching bands in cheer. The teams had five minutes to get through as many pull-ups as possible, making sure that each member of the team participated.



TUG-OF-WAR: USS New Jersey Battleship

In the final event of the day, the sides headed across the river to compete in the ultimate test of team strength in the shadows of America's most decorated battleship.


Team Relay: Lincoln Financial Field

The finale of the Patriot Games preceded the 119th Army-Navy Game at Lincoln Financial Field. The Cadets defeated the Mids in a team relay in front of a packed crowd, ultimately winning four out of five events in the games.

Winner: Army